FAQ's: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Please review our frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions that have not been addressed, please call the Office of Equity and Campus Diversity at (716)878-4357 or email us at  eeoequity@buffalostate.edu

General FAQ's

Yes.  Every Buffalo State employee is required to complete online sexual harassment prevention training viz BizLibrary BEFORE November 1.  This includes anyone at Buffalo State who receives compensation, whether full-time or part-time. 

New York State law requires all employers to ensure that employees complete sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis.  It is not sufficient for us to offer the training – New York State law requires us to ensure employees complete the training.

Sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful harassment are unfortunately common in workplaces.  We want to ensure that everyone can learn and work in a respectful and appropriate environment.  Buffalo State’s sexual harassment prevention training is intended to promote a harassment-free environment to which everyone is entitled.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the training.


Buffalo State is offering online harassment prevention training in BizLibrary.  Completing this training is one way of meeting your obligation to receive sexual harassment prevention training. 

Ensure you are using the current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser.

**Not supported on Internet Explorer**

  All employees will take the training via BizLibrary:

  1.  Open Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser. 

  2. Go to the BizLibrary website.

  3. Log in with your Buffalo State username and password.


  1. Turn your computer speakers on to listen to the course narrator.

  2. Complete the course in a web browser on your laptop or desktop computer.  

  3. The training will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, so give yourself enough time.

  4. View the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Equity and Campus Diversity by email at eeoequity@buffalostate.edu or by phone at (716) 878-6210 for additional assistance. 

All Buffalo State employees have been enrolled in the course. If you are unable to login to BizLibrary with your username and password and/or if you have work-study students, student assistants, or graduate assistants who are not enrolled in the training, please contact the IT Help Desk by phone at 716-878-4357 or by submitting a ticket.  

New York State requires employees to complete training on an annual basis.


Do I have to complete this training if I completed sexual harassment prevention training in the past year?

If you completed online or in-person training at Buffalo State within the past 12 months, contact Equity and Campus Diversity by email at eeoequity@buffalostate.edu or by phone at (716) 878-4357 or by submitting a ticket.  We can note your completion in our records. 


Yes, however, there is no limit to how many times you can answer the questions. 


All employees must take the training, regardless of whether they are full-time, and regardless of classification or funding source. 

If you have already completed sexual harassment training through another employer within the past 12 months, please send a copy of your official certificate for the training to the Equity and Campus Diversity Office through email at eeoequity@buffalostate.edu


No. There is no option for recertification for this training, as well as other compliance training, we are required to complete the training each year. 

Employees who are on leave must complete the training when they return to the workplace.  Taking the training is a work-related activity, and we cannot require employees to work while they are on leave.


The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program is an online training course available to anyone with a Buffalo State appointment. currently employed at Buffalo State University. If you are an employee or student employees at Buffalo State University and cannot access the training with your campus username and password, please contact the Help Desk by phone at 716-878-4357 or by submitting a ticket

Refer to the section on: How do I access the Training.

Please ensure that you are using the current version of Chrome, FireFox or Safari  as your browser.  We have received feedback that the program does not operate as well using other browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Yes. Anyone who is employed by Buffalo State is required to complete the training whether you are on or off campus. 


Supervisors, Managers, and Resource Officers FAQ

No.  Employees must be afforded work time to complete the training, as it is a required work activity.


The Equity and Campus Diversity Office will be tracking online program completion through BizLibrary and we will be sending progress reports. Supervisors are also able to go into the BizLibrary system to check on the status of their direct reports. An email will be sent to supervisors by the end of September with directions as to how to check the direct reports' training completion status.  


The New York State Division of Human Rights has instructed employers to use appropriate administrative remedies to ensure that all employees complete sexual harassment prevention training.  Accordingly, the university will work with you and our Human Resource Management Office to follow up with the employees who do not comply with the training requirement.


Students Employed by Buffalo State

Current student employees, including graduate students, work-study students, and student workers, are also required to complete the mandatory sexual harassment training. Although this training has been made available to student employees, we have identified that some current student employees are unable to log into the system. Please contact the IT Help Desk for student log-in issues. Be prepared to share in the Help Desk ticket the student's first name, last name, student email, department in which the student works, and their supervisor's first name, last name, and email.