Grievance Procedure for Review of Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination/Harassment

Buffalo State, in its continuing effort to seek equity in education and employment and also comply with Federal and State anti-discrimination legislation, has adopted a complaint procedure for the prompt and equitable investigation and resolution of allegations of unlawful discrimination/harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or marital status.

This procedure may be used by any Buffalo State student or employee. This procedure will not replace employee grievance procedures established through negotiated contracts, academic grievance review committees, student disciplinary grievance boards, and any other procedures defined by contract or local by-laws, including those of outside enforcement agencies, such as the New York State Division of Human Rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance of the Department of Labor.

The complaint procedure for the Review of Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination/Harassment provides a mechanism through which the university may identify and resolve incidents and allegations of unlawful discrimination and harassment. The university recognizes and accepts its responsibility in this regard and believes that the establishment of this internal, non-adversary grievance process will benefit students, faculty, staff, and administration alike, permitting investigation and resolution of problems.


Requirements to File



The following, complaint form, must be completed. 



As per the University's Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Procedures, discrimination should be reported within one year after the last act of alleged discrimination or harassment occurred. In instances involving a student charge of discrimination against a faculty member that occurred in the context of a subordinate-supervisor academic relationship (e.g., teaching, advising, thesis or dissertation supervision, coaching, clinical medical supervision), the time period may be extended until one year after the student is no longer under the faculty member's academic or clinical medical supervision or three years from the date the most recent alleged discrimination occurred, whichever is earlier. For allegations of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, the time period for reporting is extended to within seven years of the alleged acts of sexual harassment. Failure to report discrimination within the relevant limitation period may lead to dismissal of the complaint.



How to Submit a Complaint

There are a number of ways to submit a completed complaint form 

  • Email your form to the Office of Equity and Diversity:
  • Fax your form to the Office of Equity and Diversity: (716) 878-6234
  • In-person, drop your form off at the Office of Equity and Diversity, in Clevland Hall Room 517 

If you need any additional help filling out or submitting your form, please call our office at: (716) 878-6210


Please Note:

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